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Mr. Christinzio

Please help Troop 83 in congratulating our own Scoutmaster, Mr. Stephen Christinzio, on being named the 2017 New Jersey State Trooper of the Year! Please see the State Police Facebook page for a detailed account of what led to Mr. Christinzio and his Sergeant being honored.

Colonel Patrick Callahan, Acting Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, during the presentation of the award, stated, “Detective Sergeant Abbes and Detective Christinzio performed with calm and focus while under extreme stress, ensuring the safety of others first before risking their own lives to execute their mission, without the luxury of knowing if there were more components of the attack yet to be acted. The actions of both troopers have made all of us in the State Police, past and present, proud and honored to call them Troopers of the Year.”

I would like to add that, while Mr. Christinzio would never admit to being a hero, that is exactly what he is. It takes a special sort of person to run towards the sound of gunfire, run into a burning building, or defuse an unexploded pipe bomb when everyone else is running away. Mr. Christinzio willingly stepped into harms way and faced the unknown in order to protect his fellow man. In doing so, serious injuries were prevented and valuable evidence was gathered that directly led to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the terrorist that committed these acts. Mr. Christinzio is truly deserving of this honor and the Troop is a better place for his involvement! Congratulations and thank you for what you do!